Co-Pastor Tecky Rusk


First thing to know about me is that this is my name-pronounced just as it is written : Becky with a "T"! The coolest thing about it is that it rhymes with my Identical Twin sister's name-Becky!!  I grew up in the deserts of Southern California, and now living in in a place where I experience 4 seasons...very cool! 

I have loved the adventure of being married to my passionate and spontaneous best friend!  Throughout our 15 years together, we have moved across the country 5 times!  I very much enjoy watching my precious little girls grow up-seems to be going so much faster than I thought it would!

My hobbies include cuddling on the couch with my family, playing with my dogs, shopping, pedicures, jewelry making, and I recently began learning how to play the piano-look's gonna be awesome!!

Living here in Ohio has been challenging as well as exponentially rewarding! Learning how to grow a garden and can my own veggies and making homemade Jam has been a highlight of our new life here in the midwest! 

I live for the moments when I am allowed the opportunity to be used by the Holy Spirit to affect change in another person's life!